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Sunday, February 1, 2015

February Currently

Oh. My. Word. 
How is it February? 
So, I did not keep up with my January goal of blogging more. Sigh. 
In my defense, I think I blinked and missed the whole month. I am not even sure we were there! 

But alas, here I am with the February Currently and linking up with Farley

Listening: To the sound of much for the blizzard we were supposed to get!

Loving: Getting stuff done! Oh yeah! I know you fellow teachers feel the same. Nothing quite like crossing things off the to-do list! Oh and I am LOVING the show Bones. It is soon good. I am flying through season 1!

Thinking: I am thinking that I have slacked so far in 2015 at blogging! Wah. Really hoping to get at least one more post up this month! Wish me luck!

Wanting: I have been loving my new Fitbit and have been having lots of fun doing the work week hustle with a co-worker! My goal this week is to hit 10,000 steps everyday. I almost did it last week, but forgot to wear it one day. Talk about a sad teacher!

Needing: Like I said above, I want to get at least one more post up about my Valentines day treats, I have for the kids and also my sweet boyfriend. I handmade everything this year and am feeling quite excited about them!

Pageant Title: If I were to name a pageant, I would name it The Blue Jean Queen, because in a perfect world I could wear blue jeans to work every day! Love them blue jeans! Just can't have enough pairs! Am I right?

I am off to work on my February behavior calendars for the kids. I swear I just did the January ones yesterday. I swear it! 

And that's all she wrote,



  1. Hi there! I loved reading your post. I, too, love the show Bones. I am not current on it but maybe this summer.
    I've been thinking of getting a fitbit. I need to find someone at school to work with!
    Good luck!

     TGIF-Third Grade Is Fun

  2. Love the show Bones too! Luckily it's on Netflix and I get to binge through the shows :) I hope you reach your fitbit goals this week!


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