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Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday Made It ( Bridal Edition!)

I'm so excited because it is Made it Monday!..... which means that my summer has officially begun because I am doing my first Monday Made It. 

Today, I am sharing all of my bridal "made-its" from the past couple months! I have tried my best to get crafty and am oh so pleased with a couple of my items to share with you today! 

Disclaimer: My picture quality is well.... downright terrible. I took them as a I crafted along and was so excited to get them off to my girls that well.... I didn't take quality pictures. 

But without further ado, I link up with 4th Grade Frolics for 

Let me begin by saying I got engaged back in February and we have decided on May 7th, 2016 as our wedding date. We chose May because both of our parents were married in May and we thought it would be neat if we were too! 

Peach and Gold are our chosen colors for the big day. My first project as an engaged woman was to create something special to ask my girls to be in my wedding. It all started with a box! 

I got these cute little wooden boxes from Jo-Ann's and painted them with our colors. Each box had a different design on it. This was one of my favorites. After I had the boxes, I had to think of something to put in them! 

So I filled them with a ring (in the gold heart box), a gold bangle, and my mom crocheted these cute little bags for me! Inside the little bag are two mini nail polishes. One is gold and the other is peach.  In the little pocket (made with my mom's Silhouette Machine), was a color palette and a letter asking each girl to be my bridesmaid. 
I have 8 bridesmaids so I wanted to do something fun but affordable. Each box only ended up costing  me around $25 dollars. I was so proud of them! 
I got the rings and the bangles from and If you haven't checked out these places... do it now!

My youngest sister is only 13 and she is not super into jewelry or polish, so I made her  a Frozen box. I like to call it the " Do you want to be a bridesmaid?" box.  Underneath, the ring pop, magnet, and little Olaf, is  a super cute Anna outfit for her American Girl dolls. 

I couldn't forget about Aaron's dudes. So on my two favorite sites above... I found these cute little super hero cuff links. They were $8.99 a piece! I made these cute little cards up on PicMonkey and ba-da-bam! He had something cool to ask his dudes with. The guys are going to wear these cuff links on the wedding day because Aaron and I are nerdy... and we know it! 

Stay Tuned....

For more Monday-Made Its. I have some school ideas in mind and in progress! 

And that's all she wrote,



  1. Congrats on your engagement. Your Frozen themed box looks great.
    Grade School Giggles

  2. Very creative and thoughtful ways to ask. I love LOVE love

  3. is the best!!! I remember seeing the super hero cufflinks. You did SUCH a great job! I love anything that has to do with weddings! Great job!


  4. Awwww, congrats on your engagement!!!! I love the superhero cufflinks!!!
    The Daily Alphabet

  5. What a fun way to ask your bridal party to be a part of your special day!

    A Very Curious Class

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