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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Highs and Lows Linky

Hey Everybody!

It has been a busy week getting ready for a whole new year! This week I saw each of my students for a half hour to get a baseline assessment of where they will be coming it at. This coming week we will be doing our "phase-in", in which I will have a class of seven students at time ( Monday-Thursday) and then I will have my entire class on Friday. I am looking forward to getting started! I'm really excited about the group of kiddos I have coming to my class this year and am anticipating another great year!

Long story short, I am linking up with A First for Everything for her weekly high and low link up. This is my first one and I am excited to share with you (even though I am a day late...oops!)!

My high this week was for sure open house night and getting to meet the kids and their parents! They were all so sweet and excited to come to school! I even got my first two pictures from my kids this year and they are proudly hanging on my wall! :) 
My other high from this week was my organized parent orientation folders... they helped me organize and file away all of my important forms and they were pretty cute if you ask me! If you would like to see the outside of these cute little folders refer to my last post. My mom helped me make them with her Cameo Silhouette machine. Those things are AWESOME!

My low this week isn't really too much of a low, because in a way I am excited about it, but yet I am also a little stressed! I decided to go back this year for my Masters and am doing it all online. I have two classes this fall and they started the same day I went back to school! My first week is done and so far it hasn't been too bad,  but I know that as the semester goes on, the more the work will come. I put this as my low just because I know that it will take some time out of my weekend. However, I am excited about what I chose to study. I decided to get my Masters in Assessment and Evaluation. I am excited to learn new ways to assess my students and even myself as an educator! Here is a picture of two of my textbooks! I just finished reading for next week: 

Enjoy your Monday off ( If you have it) and have a fantastic week! I am hoping to stop by this week and FINALLY share some pictures of my classroom. It is finally done! 

Sarah :)


  1. Wow! Good for you for pursuing your Master's. I completed my degree online as well and it was a TON of work. It's tough juggling school and teaching.

    1. That's great!!! And yes, that's what I am not looking forward to... Juggling school and teaching!


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