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Sunday, August 3, 2014

B2S: A few of my favorite things!

Hey Y'all!

 I JUST LOVE LINKY PARTIES! They are so fun. Today I am linking up with Creativity to the Core for a back to school linky party! I am so excited about this one because I just went back to school shopping yesterday!!! Woot Woot! :)

#1 Back to School: Clothes
      I found so many amazing deals this weekend! The Limited was 50% off their entire store! It is still going on today if you are headed that way! I could not pass it up!  I found this cute little dress at The Loft. The Loft has one of my all time favorite lines ever: Lou and Grey. It's sometimes a  little pricey for me, but The Loft offers a teacher discount of 15%! So I try to buy a piece whenever I can. I also found a neat little prize in the sale section at Anthropologie! I was so excited!! :) My shopping trip I blogged about yesterday was obviously a success ;)

#2 Back to School: Books

 As a life long reader, buying books for my classroom is like my kryptonite! I can not help but pick at least one up when I go to the book store. I could spend hours in the Children's book section! I am sure most of y'all are the same. My new favorite children's book is called "The Numberlys" it is about a world full of only numbers. One day 5 numbers decide there has to be more to life and begin to create the alphabet! The pictures start out in black and white and then slowly transform in to color. The font is really big and fun. It is soooooooo cute!!! And who doesn't love Fly Guy?? He is one of my favorites :)

#3 Back to School: Lakeshore Deals :) 
 I made my first ever trip to a LakeShore store yesterday. They had a lot of sweet deals for members of the LakeShore Teacher's Club. I came out with three bags (one is still in my car to take to school ;) ) and one exhausted boyfriend! I can't wait to put all my goodies to use in my room this year!

#4 Back to School: Container Store
      I am not sure how I NEVER set foot in to one of these stores before, but let me tell you it is a little slice of Heaven. HOLY MOLY! I can't wait to go back! I managed to make it out contain myself without buying any containers for my room ( I really can not tell you how)! I signed up for the teacher card and will definitely be shopping online when the need arises! I love containers, it is another one of my huge teacher obsessions! You can never have too many.... right??

#5 Back to School: Ikea Find
   I have already blogged about this, Instagrammed it, and now I am blogging about it again! I am doing the Daily 5 for the the first time this year and these book boxes from Ikea will be a lifesaver! I could not believe my luck when I found them online! I am anxiously awaiting their arrival. Did I mention they were only $1.49 for 5??? 

  I can't wait to see everyone else's back to school favorites! Just wanted to give y'all a quick reminder about the TpT back to school sale ( August 4-5) as well! Please check out my products in my TpT Store, everything will be on sale! Tomorrow I will be sharing a new freebie to celebrate back to school as well. 

Enjoy your Sunday! 

Sarah :)


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  1. Thank you for linking up! Love Lakeshore and the Container Store. They are def two of my faves!


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