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Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday Made it!

Hey Everybody!

 Linking up here with 4th Grade Frolics for my first Monday Made it!

Last week I made a trip to Michaels and the Dollar Store and got a few things crossed off my to do list for this school year! Check them out here! :)

My first project is my school/life planner. This year is about to be busy y'all! I have decided to go back and get my Masters started, so just like my kiddos I will be going back to school on August 25th. Ahhhh! I am half excited and half dreading all of the work on top of teaching! I also want to keep up with blogging and also make sure I have plenty of time to spend with my boyfriend and family! Good thing we teachers are great at Multitasking, right??? So here is a sneak peek of the planner I decorated. I  am excited about it! I also included a sneak peek of my week! Summer School starts tomorrow! :)

I also worked on my birthday gifts for the kiddos this year. Last year, I was terrible and did not do anything too special for the kids birthdays other than singing to them and letting them wear a huge pin that said "It's my birthday!" for the day. So I decided this year that was one area I needed to step it up! I went to the Dollar Tree for some inspiration and I am really excited with what I found! My lovely Instagram friends have really made me fall in love with neon colors and black right now so that was the theme I decided on! I managed to make a birthday treat for all my kiddos for only 9$! That is about .36 cents a kid! Can't beat that! After I took this picture, I also found packs of 12 glow sticks at Michaels for $1! So i added them as well ( I already included that in the 9$ in case you are wondering!) I can't wait to celebrate birthdays this year!!!

Blame it on first year teacher indecisiveness, but last year I could just not find a way to record behavior that I really liked! My school uses the color system for pulling a card/moving a clip. At the start of the year, I used a pocket chart and the kids had to "pull a card". I found that I just did not have a good place to put the pocket chart, so after Winter Break I changed it to a clip system. I glued and laminated 5 pieces of construction paper together and put the student's number on a clothes pin. I liked this better, but it was still so large and basically impossible to take with us to specials. Therefore this year I decided to go with a behavior wheel! I found these little mini clothes pins at Michaels and dressed them up with my washi tape! I like that the mini clothes pins won't weigh down my wheel when I hang it in the room. The kids will easily be able to get it down and move their clip if necessary. Hoping this method works for me!! 

My Made it #4 was made to celebrate the TpT Back to School Sale!!!!!!
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Happy Monday and Happy TpT shopping!!!

Sarah :)

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