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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Book Talk Tuesday

Its Book Talk Tuesday....welllllll actually.... it is Book Talk Thursday!

    I am joining an awesome linky over at Mrs. Jump's Class and its all about books! As a teacher and life long reader I am SOOOOOOO excited about this linky. Like so excited as soon as I saw it I got out my newest addition to my library and started snapping pictures! I may have gone a little wayyyy overboard with the pictures, but every page was cute, y'all. EVERY PAGE! 

My new favorite book: 

You can tell from the cover that this book is gonna be waaaaay cute. 

Here is the excerpt of the story. Please ignore the reflection of my hands! Like I said I was so excited about this linky, I started taking pictures immediately!

The story starts with 5 friends that believe there must be something out there that is more than what they are used to, there world is full of only numbers. They set out to find or create something new. At first they had trouble, but then they made something special: the letter A! 

These new letters make everything in their world brighter and more beautiful! 

Their world was now full of color and even better.... words! The friends now got names instead of just a number!

I got this book at Barnes and Noble last week. They were running a special that if you bought one children's book, you got this one 1/2 off! It is definitely worth the buy. I am so excited to read this one with the kiddos. The book is full of fun pictures and large text. It will be a great read during the first week or two of school to talk about the difference between letters and numbers and what we use them for.  

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