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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Where and Why?! Back to School Blog Hop!

Hey all!

I have been extra busy working on my room this week! As many of you may have read in my last post, this is my second year of teaching, which means I really get to make my classroom my own this week and mannnnnnn I can't wait to fill it with kiddos and start learning! 

Since I have been so busy working on my room I ran out of time to link up yesterday. So I am doing a two for one today ( well tonight actually.... pretty sure this is my latest blog post ever!) 

I'll start with...
 Where Tuesday!

Like I said, I have been working reallllly hard to make my classroom my own this year, and therefore its not completely 100% finished. Well at least not to where I want to share all the deets yet! So here are a few sneak peeks! 

This is the view from my doorway...ahhhhhhh! :) We are doing a school wide carnival theme for the year and boy it sure has been fun! 

and below you will find my favorite new addition to my room! My lockers! My dad was nice enough to make these for me and all my future kiddos! and those cubbies?? Yes, Please! 

Why Wednesday

Like pretty much any teacher I know, I  l-o-v-e, love organization. I mean c'mon, it's an obsession.  But like I said I am only a second year teacher so I am still kind of finding out what works and what doesn't. So I am going to share two things that I am loving at the moment! 

Ignore the things on top, I forgot to put them away before snapping this picture! But every teacher has to have one of these carts right? I got mine super cheap at Pat Catan's and it was love at first sight! It's a new addition to the room as well!

For right now these tubs are how I organize my read aloud books and my centers. My books are in the purple bins and are organized by months. I started this last year and I am liking it! I am sure as my collection grows I will either have to find bigger boxes or a better way to store them, but for now, it is perfect! In the clear boxes I store all my math and literacy centers (also by month). Each activity is in a manila folder with a label and of course decorated with washi tape! 

Well that about does it! Hoping to link back up tomorrow for  When Thursday! Please check out Blog Hoppin' and visit some other teacher bloggers sites for some cool ideas! 

Sarah :)

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