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Friday, August 15, 2014

Five for Friday!

Hey Y'all!

   Linking up a little late here, but I got to go into my classroom this week and I have been busy, busy, busy!!

This is my new writing center! My bulletin board is not completely finished but I am excited with the progress so far! My board is actually not your typical bulletin board. It is this rather ugly green square that I think was once a chalkboard. All of the paint is chipped and it was uggggggly! Last year I put cork contact paper on it and it just wouldn't stay! It was a pain in the neck and not the prettiest sight!  This year I used white contact paper. I am hoping this will last for more than a year because contact paper is a pain for a perfectionist like me. I poked many of air bubbles in that baby today! My plan is to change it monthly and slowly but surely add more things to it! 

I found this question mark at Target this week. It lights up! I plan on putting it at my small group center.      I plan on using it as my do not disturb or "ask three before me" light. It was too cute to pass up! 

This is my new and improved Eye Like What I See Chart. I used this last year for a while and it worked well! I found the googly eyes at Jo-ann's I believe, and just put some magnets on the back. The c and t below stand for class and teacher. If I like what I see , they get a point. If I don't like what I see then I get a point. I think this year I will use different easy rewards like pack up five minutes early or an extra dance break. The kids can "win" by having the most points at the end of the day. Hopefully I never have the most points! ;)

I went to a balloon lift yesterday and it was soooooo pretty! Another sign the summer is coming to a close though. 

Made dinner for my man tonight and it was so yummy! It was my first time grilling by myself and I am kinda proud of it! ;)

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Have a super Weekend! 

Sarah :)


  1. Love the googly eyes!! They're so cute! And how fun is it to ride in a hot air balloon!! That's definitely on my bucket list!

    A Tall Drink of Water

  2. Love that question mark- what a great idea. I also use a similar "Eye Like What I See" chart. Happy Friday!



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