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Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday Made it!

Hey all! 
Linking up here for my favorite linky, Monday Made it! I am linking up with 4th Grade Frolics! :)
Here are a few things I have made in the last month that I have wanted to share with you! 

My itty bitty ghost unit! I blogged about this last week, but I am really excited about it! It is a small unit, perfect for squeezing into your busy week. Who doesn't love ghosts?? It has a graphing activity, a writing activity, and a literacy and math center. You can find it here in my TpT store!

I made these new name tags for my kids. They may look simple, but I LOVE them. I am obsessed with the labels I put on them that reminds the kids of their mailbox number and there small group animal.  I also put the name tags  on the tables with packing tape and so far they are sticking so well! I hate, hate, HATE, when my name tags get crinkled and come undone from the table. 

This is my chicken coop! I use this starting the first week of school and introduce it after reading Interrupting Chicken by David Ezra Stein. After we read the book, we talk about raising a quiet hand and listening when other people are sharing a story or talking to us. Anytime talking without raising a hand gets out of control, I take a chicken out of the coop. If they lose more than 3 in one day, they owe me 5 minutes with their heads down at the end of the day. So far this year ( knock on wood), we haven't lost more than 2. 

Have a fantastic week! 

Sarah :)

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