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Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday Made It: Freebie Edition

Hi all!
It is time for my favorite link up: Monday Made it! 
This post will be kinda short because I'll be honest between conferences, report cards,  Fall party, and Grad school I didn't have to much time to get creative! (Wahhhh.) 

I'm linking up with 4th Grade Frolics anyways, and so here it goes!

Ok, so I had to start with the one I was most excited about! I was inspired by Teaching in the Tongass' new fox clip art last night and just had to make a writing freebie for y'all! My kids still LOVE to dance to "What Does the Fox Say?", so I figured I would let them write and tell me what the fox really does say! I included two writing prompts, one with a speech bubble for more advanced or older kids to write in as well as the lines, and one with just the lines below. But really, how cute is that fox??? 
You can pick up this freebie here in my TpT store. I would love some feedback! :)

Ok, so I might have shared this on the last Monday Made It... I can't remember? It is pretty new as well and a freebie! I use this in my small groups during Daily 5 to help get the kids excited about sounding out words! I either let the kids use counters to put in each circle as they sound out the word, or play-dough to make it a little more fun. I also made one for four letter words! 
You can find that here as well. Enjoy! :)

Ok, so this one does not include a freebie and I am posting it because well, it has taken me a while to get these done and I am just so excited to be moving on to the next part of Daily 5. You might be shocked to read that... as you have probably already introduced all the parts. But, I am a first year Daily 5er and have really taken my time introducing the new parts. I also kind of did my own order for introducing. So far, all is well and I LOVE IT. Let me say that one more time: I LOVE DAILY 5!!!!

It's true. I do. I think it has helped my kids tremendously and the kids LOVE it just as much. Seriously, I get asked all day to do more rounds of Daily 5! I wish I could tell them yes, but I guess we have to do math too! ;)

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you picked up the freebies! Have a super week!

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Sarah :)


  1. The fox writing activity will be a good quickie to do after we dance to that song again... which they love. Thanks, Kathleen
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