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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Christmas Post

It has been a while. 
And I have to admit, this month flew by and I hardly had time to snap pictures, let alone get a post up. 
I don't know how all you teacher bloggers remember to take pictures. I see a new goal for 2015 in my future:
Take more pictures!

Well, I want to share with you some of my pictures I did manage to snag over the short but sweet month of December. I am most excited about the craft the kids and I made for them to take home to mom and dad! It turned out great!

We made melting snowman picture holders! Of course, I couldn't resist adding a little Frozen twist to it!

To make these little cuties we used fake snow, orange foam, and teeny tiny little black pom-poms.
And then on a black chalkboard I wrote: "Family is worth melting for." -Olaf.
I dressed the kids up in a hat and scarf and Viola! We had our Christmas gift for our families this year!

Lastly, I wanted to share some of the gifts I made for my fellow Kindergarten teachers and my AR helpers! I had so much fun making gifts this year!

Here are some pictures that I made for my fellow teachers! They are wonderful and I am truly glad we get to hang together! 

I loved making these EOS lip balm gifts. They were so cute and I may have given one to just about everyone I knew. So easy and so stinking cute! I want to make them again!

Last, but not least, I created these cuties for my 3rd grade AR helpers. They are so sweet and do such a great job that I wanted to give them a little treat. 

I used some super cute Enlightened Elephant Clipart (easily my favorite!) and made these for the kids!

After some technical difficulties, I finally have this up and posted! I will also be doing Farley's January Currently in my next post (Hopefully tomorrow)!

I hope you are all getting ready to head back to school. I have been working on things today.

Here is to hoping I get more posts up each month!

And that's all she wrote,


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