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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer Projects!

Hey there!
     I promised to put up a few pictures of my summer projects, so here you go! :)

These are my new Listen to Reading Bags! Cost me about 4$ per bag to make (can't beat that!!). This year I will be putting a CD player and a book in each bag for one of our Daily 5 choices. Students will be able to take a bag and go to their spot to listen to their story. I am excited about them and they were super easy. All of my materials were found at Jo-Anns. The bags were on sale for 2$, I couldn't pass them up! :)

This one was super quick and easy! These are my new number sticks for next year. Each student in my room has a mailbox number that they are required to know, because we use them for a lot of things! These sticks are for me to use and I think they turned out pretty cute! I used Scotch Washi Tape to decorate them! 

Last but not least, here is a little snippet of my letter/sight word shake it bottles. I colored white rice into all of these fantastic colors and along with my letters put them in old water bottles. I also hot glued the caps on to make sure there would be no spills this coming year. I am excited to see how these work out! I think the kids will enjoy them.

Tomorrow I will be sharing my favorite project from this summer so far. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!

Stay tuned!!

Sarah :)

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