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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Classroom Management!

    Today I thought I would share with you what I am using to manage my classroom jobs this year. I started something similar at the end of last year, but I made some major changes to it and I am even more excited to use it!

What I do, is I choose six animals and assign one of the animals to each student. I use these animals to group the students by ability level also, so that it is easy to pull the students for small group or differentiated tasks (Bonus!! :)). The kids loved this system! Loved it so much that if I forgot to change it, I had about half of the class coming to my desk every morning to remind me to change it!
      I use the six smaller pictures to put on the kids' desks until they remember what animal they are.

I use six animals because last year I had 24 kinders. I put six kinders at 4 different tables and made sure that I had one of each animal at each table. This was so that there would be someone to fulfill each job at every table! In the case of one of the kids being absent on their day to be captain, I usually chose the quietest student or a student that I knew was really good at being a leader. Let me tell you though, the kids HATED missing school the day it was their turn to be captain. Towards the end of the year, the kids would know when it was their turn and who was going to be captain tomorrow. 
If you have a smaller class or different seating arrangement, you may not have to use all six animals and could instead use 3, 4, etc. 
Last year I hung this up in the front of the room where everyone could see it and every day I changed the animal (captain). If there were any arguments, I would tell the kids to check the sign and that always solved it! This year I added two more jobs like this, including Center Supervisors and Table Cleaners. 
This is a copy of the teacher cards that can be used to display in the front of the room.  They fit perfectly in the box on the sheet above! 
 Because not all jobs require more than one person to complete, I also created 9 more jobs to keep the other kids busy. If it is done correctly, almost all students should be able to have a job every day! I think this will be a HUGE improvement from last year, when I did not have enough to keep everyone busy and engaged. I'm hoping it will help build a stronger sense of community. Fingers Crossed!
For the other nine jobs, I plan on taking a picture of each child the first day of school and making little cards for them and putting them under the job cards they are responsible for. 

My classroom management packet can be found on my TPT store. Please stop by and check it out! Last but not least, I am now also on Instagram! Follow me at MissSarahsoda!

Have a great day! 
Sarah :)

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