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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Happy Tuesday!

Hey All!

       Today I am working hard on getting some things ready for the new school year and by working hard, I mean doing school stuff and getting sucked into a Law and Order SVU marathon (YAY!). I just wanted to share one of my recent projects that I have completed! I am excited about it. :)
    I have seen this little project on Pinterest, but decided to put my own little spin on it and I created the game "POP!". Using water bottle caps, I put both capital and lowercase letters on each lid. Then, using Coke caps, I wrote the word "pop!" on each lid. The kids will have all of the lids in one box. Then, closing their eyes, they will reach in and pull out one lid. If they get a lid with a letter they have to name the letter to keep their lid. If the player gets a lid that says "pop!" they have to put one of their lids back in the box. Play continues until all the bottle caps are gone. This game will be played with letter sounds too. I think they will have fun with this! I am excited to use it.
I am playing around with a water mark for my pictures, so you might see it changing the next few posts. I just can't decide!!! Plus, it's super fun to keep creating them! 

Well back to work and SVU for me! 
Happy Tuesday!
Sarah :)

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