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Thursday, July 17, 2014


Hey everybody!

     So I mentioned yesterday that I had something I was just DYING to share with you! Well here it is! My new snack box storage boxes for flash cards! I got these little gems from Dollar Tree. They look like they are going to work great!  The lids snap on to prevent a spill and come in super fun colors! I also have some soap boxes I found at a teacher garage sale that I will be using, but these snack boxes were just too cute! As you can see, I slapped a label on them with their mailbox number in case they get lost or dropped in the classroom. I used mailbox numbers so that I would not have to relabel every year!
    Inside of the soapboxes I have already loaded the first set of flashcards to go home for the year: letters! Once the students have mastered their letters (upper and lower), I will send home another set of flash cards. I am working on getting my entire flash card package together to put in my TpT store.

Yesterday, I put my addition and subtraction flash cards up in my TpT store as a freebie for a limited time!  You can find them here: Addition and Subtraction Flash Cards

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Have a fantastic weekend! 
Sarah :)


  1. this is great! I recently snagged a bunch of flash cards from Target's 1.00 spot bins-are these just regular snack boxes?? I don't think that soap boxes will fit these would be fantastic! Thanks for the tip!

    1. Yes- I have both soap and snack. But the ones I pictured are from dollar tree! I believe they come in a pack of two and in a lot of different colors. I love them because the latch on them are so much sturdier than the soap boxes! I am not sure what grade you teach, but if it is Kindergarten, I have my addition and subtraction flash cards that I designed to fit in the boxes on my TPT store for free! :)


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